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NEW!! Engage to earn with the Gloom-e-Girls! 

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Earn NFTs, rewards and exclusive experiences by joining the Gloom-e Secret Society

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Gloom-e-Girls are 10,000 unique, generative eGirls living and playing in the Metaverse. Gloom-e-Girl NFTs were created by the Gloom-e-Girl gaming team, with art hand-drawn by team member, Bludnymph. Each Gloom-e-Girl has her own signature style, and they are all members of a secret Gloom-e society. Gloom-e-Girls are on sale March 29 at 9AM PST.

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NFTs are best purchased on a desktop browser. We suggest Chrome with the MetaMask extension.

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A Gloom-e-Girl NFT is your key to the Gloom-e secret society. Every member of the secret society is entitled to:

  • Membership in private Discord channels and exclusive content      from the Gloom-e-Girls

  • Commercial license to your specific Gloom-e-Girl. Use it in videos, merch, however you want!

  • Opportunity to be (or help choose) the next Gloom-e-Girl gaming team MEMBER

  • Access to regular, private 'Gloom-e-Girl Slumber Party' livestreams

  • NFT-holder exclusive game sessions where members have a chance to play with the Gloom-e-Girls

  • Gloom-e-Girl Twitter follow-backs for owners

  • Much more to come! Including community voting on activities and rewards

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  • What is a NFT?

A NFT is a token that authenticates activity and ownership on a specific blockchain. It can't be replicated and can't be altered by outside parties. In the case of Gloom-e-Girl, your NFT is associated with and represented by a unique piece of artwork.

  • How do I buy a Gloom-e-Girl NFT?

You can purchase a Gloom-e-Girl by clicking a "mint" button anywhere in this site as long as they are available! Once all 10,000 Gloom-e-Girls are claimed, you may still be able to find one on secondary markets like OpenSea. You will need a crypto wallet and a balance on polygon (MATIC) to purchase your Gloom-e-Girl.

*NOTE: buying NFTs is a desktop activity. Use your Mac/PC/Laptop when you buy.

  • How much does a Gloom-E-Girl NFT cost?

Minting a Gloom-e-Girl costs roughly $100 USD (60

polygon (MATIC)). You can buy polygon from several online exchanges like Coinbase.

  • Where can I get a wallet? 

The most popular wallet for ethereum and polygon is Metamask. The Metamask wallet is an easy Google Chrome add-on.

  • Can I resell my Gloom-E-Girl?

You can. Once you own a Gloom-e-Girl NFT, you can do whatever you want with it! Once you sell a Gloom-e-Girl, your membership and all benefits transfer to the new owner.

  • What about the environment?

We mint on polygon, which is a green ethereum sidechain. polygon is a proof-of-Stake sidechain consuming only 0.00079TWh of energy/year.

  • How many Gloom-E-Girls are available?

There will only ever be 10,000 Gloom-e-Girls minted.

  • Are any of the Gloom-E-Girls duplicates?

Each Gloom-e-Girl is generated algorithmically from a pool of 7 million potential unique variants. No two will ever be alike.

  • Anything else I should know?

Once you own a Gloom-e-Girl, you're in the club. We will be doing fun activities, creating digital and IRL experiences, releasing products and hanging out for a long time and we want to make this the best club in the world.

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Meet The Gloom-E-Girl Team

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